Newsletter 33
August 2005

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Club Evening 10miles tt 2 August – Official Result


Actual                                               Handicap

21.57 Graham Briggs                          21.18 John Hadley                  12pts

22.31 Graham Rushworth                   21.23 Ron Moat                      11pts

22.50 Levi Huck                                 21.31 Alan Mattinson             10pts

23.05 Steve Cowlbeck                        21.35 Steve Cowlbeck            9pts

24.38 Phil Henson                               21.38 Alex Wallis                   8pts

25.01 Alan Mattinson                         21.40 Levi Huck                     7pts

25.08 Ron Moat                                  21.41 John Davies                   6pts

25.23 John Hadley                              21.48 Phil Henson                   5pts

25.29 Graham Huck                            21.57 Graham Briggs              4pts

25.38 Alex Wallis                               22.16 Graham Rushworth       3pts

27.11 John Davies                               22.29 Sam McGuinness          2pts

29.29 Sam McGuinness                      23.14 Graham Huck                2pts


Handicap League

87 Steve Cowlbeck                             53 Keith Whittaker

85 John Hadley                                   53 Levi Huck

77 Alex Wallis                                    49 John Davies

71 Dave Furniss                                  45 Alan Mattinson

66 Ron Moat                                       45 Mark Robinson

59 Ian Furniss                                     41 Graham Huck

 The Senseless Statistical Suburbia of Sid Scoop

 Former British Espoirs TT Champion Graham Briggs made a winning debut in this years 10 series, becoming the 3rd member to go sub 22 and the 52nd member to compete.

 Steve Cowlbeck was only 1 second off his years fastest time as he retained the lead in the Handicap League. John Hadley sheared 22secs off his pb to deservedly take maximum points and narrow the gap to a slender 2 points behind Steve. With only 3 events remaining, it’s almost as exciting as if it was fictional.

 Levi Huck shattered his season’s best by a massive 1sec while Alex Wallis was a mere 2secs off his years best. ‘Rocket’ Ron Moat clocked his fastest time since 3 May and John Davies improved 1sec on his previous week’s time.

 More senseless statistics next month? Let’s hope not!

 The Unlucky Chucky Award July 2005

 VC Chesterfield 10 miles tt 23 July Course 010/2

 20.52 Graham Rushworth                   1st team award

21.03 John Maughan                           Total time 1hr 3mins 53secs

21.58 Levi Huck

 Congratulations to this illustrious trio and additional felicitations to John and Levi who both recorded lifetime bests.

 However, this month’s unlucky chucky award goes to a rider who missed getting into the winning team by only 8secs and didn’t get his name in the paper or a mention on News at Ten, or any recognition or accolades whatsoever despite achieving a personal best time of 22mins 06secs at the commendable age of 68 years. Take a bow Bob Burleigh. If you suffer from insomnia and you would like to hear a full account of this spectacular sporting miracle, Bob will be pleased to accommodate you. Don’t forget to reverse the charges, it’s your taxes that fund Bob’s pension!

 National 12 Hours Championship Preview

 30 years ago, Graham Huck led the Doncaster Wheelers to a famous team victory, with Allan Robson & Bob Bickerstaffe amassing 790.43miles. Hucky’s 270miles was also good enough to take the bronze medal. On the start line next week there is one question to be answered, can our modern day intrepid heroes equal the accomplishment of the class of ’75? 

 Martin Oliver has already clocked a brilliant 4-4-13 in the recent YCF 100 and on a good day he will certainly present a formidable challenge for individual honours. At 6ft 4in, Ian Furniss is the club’s big hope. Big Ian has excelled in the club 10’s and in road races, but this represents an entirely new experience. Former North Midlands Division Champion Martin Maltby is also entering virgin territory but this challenge has re-ignited his competitive juices. Trevor Siddons is the most experienced campaigner and last year he finished in a remarkable 10th place. Following a recent training ride to Filey, Sizzler mowed the lawn, washed the dishes and still had enough energy to chat on-line with Science who had just been evicted from the Big Brother House. Paul Taylor is a mile-eater extraordinaire whose voracious appetite for solo endeavours knows no bounds. Last years preparation included touring Utah & Arizona while this years highlight was a 170miles solo trip to Middlesbrough. Dave Furniss’ experience in this type of event can be described conservatively as limited. However, what he lacks in experience he more than makes up for in guts as was almost witnessed recently when he completed a club 10 only 30mins after consuming a sizeable spaghetti bolognese.Last but not least, can Graham Huck turn back the clock? His impressive C.V. includes twice being in the winning teams in the BBAR in 1970 & 75, National 12 in 1975 & 80 and National 100 in 1975 & 80. Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if ……

 Go for it lads!!

 Sid Scoop