Newsletter 28
August 2003

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Welcome to Issue 27.

In this issue we have:

 Happy Birthday - A Warm Sunny Welcome - Something for the Weekend?

How About Something A Bit Longer? - Last Few Evenings of Fun    

Support Required – Looking Ahead – Club Champs 50

Festive Frolics – Sporting 16/32 – Road Race

Disturbing News

 Happy Birthday!!

It’s a Happy Birthday to one of our longest serving members, Eddie Roelich, who celebrated his 90th birthday since the last newsletter. Congratulations Eddie and we hope you stop with us for a good few years to come.

 A Warm Sunny Welcome

A very warm welcome to a few more new members, Tony Wilkinson, Alex Wallis, Tony Yates and Samantha McInnes.

 Fancy Something for the Weekend?

Well, not quite a dirty weekend (but that does depend on who is leading the group) as a weekend away at Boggle Hole in North Yorkshire is being organised for the weekend of the 6/7th September. These events have in the past been very well supported, so if you are interested then contact Martin or Trevor at Don Valley Cycles (01302) 769531.

 How about something a bit longer?

Organisation for the annual Wheelers raiding trip to Majorca, as begun. If you are interested in this week long trip to the sunny island possibly at the end of April, then contact Trevor Siddons or call Don Valley Cycles for more details.

 Last Few Evenings of Fun

The weekly Tuesday Evening 10’s which have been so far well supported, will continue until the 26th August. PLEASE NOTE that there is a revised start time of 6:30pm for this last one due to the onset of darker nights. All the results are on the website.

 Support Required

It has come to that time of year again where I plead with you to come forward and offer your services for the good of the Club. Yes, It’s time for marshalling duties again. On September 21st we will be promoting our open 25’ event, and this year it has a new organiser, the intrepid Chris Green. As usual he will come up against the yearly problem of finding enough marshals and helpers to make the event run smoothly, so let’s make it easier and offer your services before the arm twisting has to start.

 Looking Ahead

Here’s another date for your diary, Tuesday 14th October. Make a note, colour it red and put a big circle around it so that you don’t plan to do anything else on that day, because it’s the Wheelers AGM. It will take place at the MENCAP building on Thorne Road, starting at 7:30pm. Please support your club, remember if you don’t bother to go and something gets voted for that you don’t agree with…..DON’T COMPLAIN!!!!!

 Festive Frolics

Another date to be marked with big red stars in your diary, is the Annual Prize Presentation Buffet and Disco. It is to be held again at the Doncaster Catholic Club on Friday 21st December 2003. Ticket Prices have yet to be confirmed, but more details can be obtained from Don Valley Cycles a little nearer to the date. Suggestions are welcome as to a theme for the event. In the past it has been film stars etc. Any ideas, clean or otherwise should be sent to Martin at Don Valley Cycles.

 Club Championship 50’

On what could only be classed as a perfect evening on a classic 50 mile course the  Club Championship 50’ (incorporated in the NMCF 50’) was fought out to the death. Only two riders completed the full course, with the final result being:

1.         Dale Coan          2:02:03

2.         Ron Moat           2:04:49

 Sporting Course 16/32mile Time Trial Results

Before listing the results for this mid season event, a big round of applause and thanks goes to Trevor Siddons for making this event so successful. A great deal of hard work and time was spent getting everything ready, all of which goes unseen. Special thanks also goes out to anyone else (too many to mention by name) who helped in any way what so ever on the day. There were may good comments received after the event form the riders supporting this event and commenting how well it was run and the choice of course. Now onto the results:


1st Kevin Dawson           Life Repair CRT                   0:59:06

2nd Nigel White              Sherwood CC                      1:01:19

3rd Ian Dalton                Cherry Valley RT                 1:01:29

Fastest Team of 3 Riders (1 Lap Event)

Doncaster Wheelers CC  Total Time         1:41:32

Jack Ibbotson                              0:33:31

Graham Huck                              0:34:00

Ron  Moat                                   0:34:01

Other Doncaster Wheelers Results:

Mrs Rebecca Dawson     0:39:27

Robin Newman              1:04:01

Martin Maltby                1:09:26

Tim Bilby                      1:10:04

Well done to all the riders from the club who took part.

Road Race – Pickburn Circuit (Wednesday 11th July - evening)

Once again the weather gods smiled on the event and it was another success. Many thanks go to Martin Maltby for his time to organise the event in what has now become a regular feature of the local road racing calendar. Many thanks also to all those who gave up their evening to help with the event. A quality field contested the event, with the end result being as follows:

1st     Martin Ford          Shorter/Artic 2000

2nd     M Elliot              Pinarello RT

3rd     G Briggs               Life Repair CRT

(see Results web page for full results and photographs)


Disturbing News

I have in the past few months received a couple of emails on the subject of club runs and their support of new and younger members. It was noted that on a couple of club runs in particular, younger members were left struggling at the pace being set by the rest of the group and the other where new members were left to fend for themselves some distance from home due to the pace being set. This is not a new problem, not one just pertaining to the Wheelers and has been around for many years. However it cannot be allowed to continue if we are to attract new members, keep existing new ones and help to develop the younger element. On most Sundays the runs go off with little or no problem, but when no official from the club is present it is up to you as members to act ‘sensibly’. If there are new or inexperienced riders, please look after them, remember you were at that stage once. If there is a rider/s wanting to up the pace of the run then there are three options.

1.       Split the run into a slower and a faster group, but arrange to meet at the same café.

2.       Let the rider/s spoiling the general pace bug**r off on their own, you don’t have to follow like sheep just to save face!

3.       Ask the faster rider/s to go and build up their ego by showing compassion to the less fit and not demoralizing them to a stage where they don’t come again!

Remember the speed and distance of a club run should be tailored to suit that of the lowest ability. If that doesn’t suit the whole group then split it into two and agree somewhere to meet up later.