Newsletter 18
February 2001

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Welcome to Issue 18.

Speed, thrills & spills. Fancy a go? Read on for more details

Fancy Dress Goes to Their Heads

UFO’s Sighted in Auckley

The Superhighway Revisited

Cards for All

Firstly though, lets get it out of the way. If you want to remain a member of our little band, then if you haven’t already, you will have to pay up soon. Club fees are due now, and remember if you do not renew by Feb. 28th it will cost you a little bit more! Details as below. You can send it direct to me at the address at the end, take it to the Club Room, or even drop it in to Don Valley Cycles, when you are next in town. Could not be simpler. Please remember cheques made payable to Doncaster Wheelers; please, and a receipt will only be sent on request.

Club Membership Fee’s

 Under 16’s                                                     Free

Junior (16-18), O.A.P, Members Wife        5.00

Senior Members                                            10.00

 New Members joining after 1st September, will have their fees waived for the following year.

Membership is from 1st January to 31st December.

Existing Members will have up to February 28th to renew subscription at the normal rate, otherwise membership will be renewable at an increased fee of:

 Junior (16-18), O.A.P, Members Wife        6.00

Senior Members                                            12.00

Speed Thrills and Spills…..

If you read the last issue you may remember that a Club session at the Manchester Velodrome might be a nice idea, well, its now a reality. We have booked a 2-hour slot at the track, for the Wheelers on Saturday 14th April, from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. If you would like to have a go, who knows you may be the next Boardman or McGregor, then please put your name on the list at Don Valley Cycles. The cost to ride is nothing to all current paid up members. The only cost involved would be the hire of a track bike if you do not own one. They are available from the track, booked in advance at a cost of 6.20 per 2Hrs. If you require one then please fill in your details along side your name. You will also have to arrange your own transport to the track, at Manchester.

Places on the track are limited to 15 at any one time. Don’t worry if you have not ridden the track before, as a qualified track coach will be available to help, throughout the session.

Events for 2001

The following are a list of events that may be of interest to you. Some are Club Championships, some are just Club events

Beckingham Circuit                          Sun 25th March (Club Event)

Evening 10's Tues.                           1st May - 28th Aug. (Evening 10 Championship)

Pooled Clubs 25'                              Sun 6th May   (Championship)

Beckingham Circuit                          Sun 10th June            (Open Event)

Don Whs Road Race                       Wed 13 June             (Pickburn Circuit)

NMCF 50'                                          Sun 17th June            (Championship)

DVCCA 25'                                       Sat 21st July  (Club Trophy)

NMCF 100'                                        Sun 2nd Sept.            (Championship)

Don Whs Road Race                       Sun 9th Sept.             (Edlington Circuit)

Don Whs CC 25'                               Sun 16th Sept            (Open Event)

Pooled Clubs 25'                              Sun 23rd Sept

Note the Evening 10 Series on the Hatfield to Blaxton course will start at 7.00pm, the exceptions being the last two in August which will start at 6.30pm due to the shorter days.

YHA Castleton February 2001

By the time you read this some of our merry band will have again terrorised the inhabitants of Castleton for a weekend YHA trip. More news and photo’s hopefully in the next issue.

UFO Sighting in Auckley…

It has been reported that strange lights have been seen going about the region, especially through Aukley. Trevor Siddons reported them to the authorities, Flyingdale went on Red alert, the NATO sent out fighters to catch them but to no avail, they were just too fast. Well they say the truth is out there… so here it is. Don’t worry were not being invaded, it’s just Pete Hurst getting the miles in, with his new lights, but at a reportedly very fast pace. So now you know. If you hear a whiring noise from behind, and a bright light appearing, don’t worry, its just Pete, out getting those miles in yet again………..(a man to watch obviously!)

The Superhighway Revisited

A new look Doncaster Wheelers Web site has just been launched. We also have a new home at On there you will find, newsletters, photos, events, results etc. I will try and keep it up to date as much as possible, and hopefully the evening 10 results will be updated weekly. Why not visit us. Any comments, or requests on what you want on it are welcome.

New Members

Welcome to new members, Andrew Belk, Andy Pidduck & Mathew Cooper. May your stay with us be long and fruitful.

Membership Cards

A new scheme of membership cards is to be used from now on, after a request from the members at the last two AGM’s. So you will receive a card each year, once your subscription for the year has been paid. Just another little treat from your Membership Services Team .

Fancy Dress Goes to Their Heads

Decembers Prize Presentation was another huge success, making the Club a profit of 123, thanks to the help of Martin Maltby and his helpers. A lot of you went to a lot of trouble to get into the spirit of the 60’s and 70’s theme, but as the evening wore on, I’m not sure if they were just repressed feelings being allowed to come out? Gary Speight especially. Well, all who were there seemed to enjoy the evening, with its entertainment of various sorts, from the disco, to the Beatles karaoke, from the Elvis floorshow to the Gary Speight drag show and scooter spectacular I kid you not. So if you missed it, don’t miss the next one in December 2001.

Next Issue:

Our New Feature ‘Ask Dr. Bob’, where you can ask our new resident Club Doctor, to help you with any of your problems…

Well, I can hear the call of the Turbo, so bye for now. Ride safely,