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What's the difference between a road and a track bike?

You may have guessed looking at a track bike that there isn't much to it but behind the simplicity, lies a lot of technological advances in the types of material used for the different parts such as the frames and wheels.

No Brakes: Riders back pedal to slow down - just make sure you have that rear sprocket on tight or a lock ring on it.

No Gears: The bikes only have one gear and there is no freewheel. In other words, you can't stop pedalling! Riders will keep a stock of chain rings and rear wheel sprockets to set the correct gear for specific events and tracks. To change a gear you either change one or both of the rear sprockets and chain rings. To change a rear sprocket, you'll need a "chain whip" and to remove the chain rings, an Allen key. If unsure what tools you will need for your specific equipment, see your favourite bike retailer ( to help you choose the appropriate tools to change gear ratios.


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