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Track Racing
Track Racing

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This is Track Racing!

No brakes, no gears, explosive sprinting and tightly packed riders on short banked tracks - this is Track Racing!

Stadium Cycling
Track racing takes place on short (between 150m and 550m) tracks consisting of two tight, banked corners joined by two short straights. Olympic and World Championships are generally held on 250m wooden tracks. The atmosphere is electric in a packed velodrome as riders flash by under the noses of spectators at anything up to 40mph.

Short and Fast – Long and Tough
Track events can be split into two main types – sprint events, which generally last for less than two minutes and Endurance events which can be up to 40km in length. Sprint racing specialities include the “Kilo”, a straight 1000m against the clock – Britain’s Jason Queally is Olympic Kilo Champion - and the “Kierin” (Japanese for ‘fight’) where riders battle to stay behind a pacing motorcycle for a series of very fast laps, before sprinting for the line when the pacer pulls off. Endurance races include the “Pursuit” where races pit teams of four or individual riders against each other. The simple aim is to catch or gain time on your opponents who start on the opposite side of the track. Britain specialises in the Team Pursuit, winning bronze at the sydney olympics and the 2000 and 2001 World Championships.

Something for Everyone
Whatever your cycling talents, Track Racing has something to offer you. Apart from being a great sport in itself, Track Racing is also an excellent way for all cyclists to work on their skills and fitness.

The closest tracks to try for the Doncaster Wheelers are Manchester Velodrome (Indoor 250m) and Quibell Park (Outdoor 550m), Scunthorpe.

Go to the Video page to see ex World Record holder Chris Boardman in action.

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