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How to start Road Racing

Firstly you need to get a suitable bike and get fit. All senior (over 18) riders will start as Cat 4 riders. The average speed of a Cat 4 and Cat 3 race is between 22 and 27mph. It will take a few months to get to this level if you are just starting out.


As mentioned above, the Cat 4 level is where a new senior rider starts. Juniors (below 18 yrs of age) are different. There are not many Cat 4 races during the year, and Cat 4 riders will race against Cat 3 riders, albeit the pace is not much different. So if you find a Cat 4 race and you have not ridden a race before, this is a good place to start. There won't be any Cat 3 riders allowed to enter.

Martin Maltby organises a couple of races each year, one of which is the Autumn Cat 4 race. Check the events section on this site for more information.

After Cat 3, you might have guessed, there is Cat 2 and Cat 1. Then there is the Elite Catagory. The riders you see in Cycling Weekly are usually Elite Cat riders. Malcomn Eliott, Russell and Dean Downing, as well as our very own (from Doncaster) Kevin Dawson.